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About Montage

Montage Sound Studios are dedicated to providing a cost effective, high quality promotion of their Clients products and services through any sound media.
We have a primary slogan that has evolved into a system which guarantees superb quality and value for every one of our customers.

"What is said is important - how it is said is paramount!"

At Montage, we understand that it is not only what is said that's important, it's even more important How it's said. The emphasis on key words, the inflection, the type of voice, the enthusiasm, the sincerity - all of these things and many more, go into the construction of an outstanding, professional reading of your script.
Each script is carefully analysed and, in keeping with the client's instructions, is reproduced in our own copyrighted "read format" which includes tone, emphasis, pause, duration - in fact, everything that is needed to make the read become the best possible message you can put to air, - to help you get the best possible result.
This is why Montage enjoys the success that we have with our clients. Our team of voice talent experts are all schooled to read each script in this special "Montage" way.
At Montage, we have a huge pool of talented people to draw from. This allows us to find exactly the right voice to make your message stand out - and be remembered.
Through this system, MSS provides very unique, extremely effective sales tools that you can access at more than competitive prices.
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